Bringing the world to Guymon.
Bringing the world to Guymon.

From the Spanish Galleon Trades!

Spanish galleons sailed between Acapulco, Mexico and Manila, Philippines from 1565 to 1815. These glorious 250 years allowed an exchange of riches and customs that developed a trans-Pacific culture unique yet common to the 2 countries. At GALLEON, we present a cuisine that originated, flourished, and shared in the era of the Galleon Trades. WELCOME!

Experience Spanish Fiesta!!


Featuring Carchelo 2013 of Spain.


It is a blend of Monastrel, Tempranillo, Syrah, and Cabernet Saugvignon. Elaborated separately, these four varieties come together to shape a well-structured, concentrated and intensely aromatic blend. A velvety and round palateis highlighted by red fruit and mineral notes with a long finish.


Celebrate with us!

Chili Relleno

Voted BEST in Texas County in 2016

One of our most ordered and popular dishes is the traditional Chili Relleno. Large organic Poblano peppers slowly roasted, baked, stuffed, and smothered in our traditional cheeses. Perfect meal for Lent. :)



Clean, healthy food


The GALLEON features a cuisine shared by Mexico and the Philippines with Spanish influence. Enjoy delicious recipes perfected and passed on for over 400 years across the Pacific.

Join us on a journey into culinary history!


Fine wines at The Portside

The Portside

Great food always pairs with great wine. The Portside offers the perfect selection of drinks that bring out the rich flavors of our recipes.

Enjoy the Portside's informal scene as a venue to unwind at the end of an awesome day! 

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We serve at the pleasure of our guests. Our level of hospitality is second to none. Join our topnotch team  and find yourself in the company of the friendliest, hardest-working, and most hospitable staff in the history of the world!


Spanish cuisine has a lot to offer. Regional specialties, from soups through starters to seafood or meat – read all about our culinary highlights. Want to celebrate as only the Spanish can? We will provide the best possible service to make sure your party is a success.

For us, typical Mediterranean cuisine means cooking with original ingredients from Spain and putting heart and soul into doing it. Nevertheless, we have not restricted ourselves to any particular region. From Andalusia to Granada, influences from all over Spain make our culinary range unique.

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